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367 companies last updated  13.01.2021
  • Skapa Founded: 2020
    Skapa is a financial platform for high-yield & sustainable investments. The platform suggests investing money in real estate projects and benefit from a short term and high-interest rates.
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  • STODO Crowd Founded: 2020
    With the STODO Crowd you can present your idea or project. This gives you the chance to get the implementation financed with the support of the people from Stockelsdorf or to build up a long-term support community for your concerns.
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  • OstholsteinCROWD Founded: 2020
    OstholsteinCROWD offers makers from culture, art, social affairs, education, the environment and sport a platform to find financial supporters for their projects.
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  • ESWE Versorgung Founded: 2020
    ESWE Versorgung is a reliable partner and supporter in the sporting, cultural and social area. With targeted sponsorship, the energy service provider supports numerous projects, acquisitions and events in the region, which is often what makes them possible in the first place.
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  • Gera Crowd Founded: 2020
    The Gera Crowd is intended for people from Gera and the region who are looking for support for projects that are close to their hearts. Funds can be collected from family, friends, members or even complete strangers within 60 days. And best of all: For every donation of 10 euros or more, EGG gives an additional 10 euros from the company's funding pot. The only condition: the project pursues a social, cultural or societal purpose and will be realized in Gera and the surrounding area.
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  • SCHWARZWALD-CROWD Founded: 2020
    The SCHWARZWALD-CROWD is the chance to present your idea or your project and to finance the implementation with the support of people from our region or to build up a long-term support community for your concerns.
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  • HeimatCrowd Founded: 2020
    With the HeimatCrowd, Iserlohn associations and institutions have the opportunity to present their ideas and projects and to finance them with the support of the Iserlohn residents. Great projects from the areas of sport, culture, social affairs and the environment can be easily implemented.
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