Green energy crowdfunding platforms in Netherlands

Find out the best Green energy crowdfunding platforms in Netherlands and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • After a successful collective solar power project on the roof of the former Caballero Factory in The Hague, initiators Stan Verheijen and Richard Bevelander started several collective solar power projects with the aim of making solar power accessible to everyone. Both have been active as entrepreneurs for some time in the sustainable energy sector and in the solar power world in particular. How does it work? You build a solar park together with neighbors. Buy Sun Certificates in a solar park and contribute to a better world. Without you having to worry about it. In addition, you will also have a lower energy bill! That's how you participate.
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  • is an online marketplace where developers of sustainable projects can bring an investment offer (proposition) to the attention of investors on the one hand and investors can make an investment in it on the other. The functionality required for this is integrated into the website.
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  • Greencrowd has been investing in and financing sustainable energy projects since its foundation in mid-2012. Greencrowd has its own crowdfunding platform that is housed in a foundation. The Greencrowd Foundation has an exemption from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for mediating in attracting repayable funds and is registered under number 19000008. Under this regime, the Greencrowd Foundation may mediate in corporate loan agreements. For this reason, borrowers will never be private individuals at the Greencrowd Foundation.
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  • Founded: 2010
    The Windcentrale was established in 2010 with the aim of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy in the Netherlands. By offering the opportunity to become a co-owner of a windmill, everyone can enjoy the benefits of wind energy.
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  • Founded: 2012
    Oneplanetcrowd is a part of financial group StartGreen Capital. Since 2005, StartGreen has been investing in sustainable companies and energy projects. It also has a strong network of partners with whom they work closely: DGI Europe, Econnetic, ASN bank, Rabobank and various media platforms.
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  • Founded: 2014
    ZonnepanelenDelen connects solar energy projects with people and organizations who want to invest in them through a loan. A unique feature of this loan is that it can be subscribed for from 25 euros and that the annual interest is variable and depends on the generated solar power.
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  • Founded: 2019
    Genervest is a whole new way to invest ethically and socially. It lets investors – who they call Genervestors – big and small – grow their money while supporting the energy transition. Genervest gives the people the power to control how their money is spent when they invest it and so gives the people the power to stop climate change.
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