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Crowdfunding platform directory

Crowdfunding platforms continue to emerge and provide investment offerings in a variety of industries: hardware manufacturing, real estate development, technology, green energy, you name it.

Access the list of active crowdfunding platforms in the UK and Europe and filter them out by industry or investment type in order to get a better understanding of your investment options.

Our goal is to provide resources and learning materials to allow beginners or seasoned investors to make informed decisions and get first-hand knowledge about the world of digital lending and crowdfunding.

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For investors

Network of FinTech professionals

Any crowdfunding or online investment business includes the effort of different professionals and solution providers:

  • financial advisors
  • lawyers
  • tech engineers
  • KYC providers
  • payment services
  • marketing agencies, etc.

Finding them all takes a lot of time and research, and that’s where we want to step in and help.

We aim to create a big network where FinTech professionals would be able to connect and build professional relationships and encouraging the development of the crowdfunding industry.

We are actively building up our database. List your company if you represent services or solutions for crowdfunding.

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For businesses

Hub for startups and fundraisers

Kickstarter is not the only place to raise funds.

If you need extra funding for your startup, search through our list of fundraising platforms and select those that fit your expectations. There are platforms that work only with particular industries, for example, from BioTech to real estate to green energy.

Crowdfunding platforms differ by type: equity, debt, peer-to-peer, donation. Using quick search, you can quickly find the needed type and combine it with the required industry or country.

In a few months, you will be able to connect with marketing agencies that help promote crowdfunding campaigns – we are building this directory at the moment.

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For fundraisers

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