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Startup crowdfunding is now getting its momentum and becomes a great investment opportunity for retail and professional investors. There are many startup crowdfunding platforms in Europe which you can explore and apply to raise capital or invest and make passive income. Startup crowdfunding platforms focus on both debt and equity and work with early-stage businesses that may seek seed financing or even go for further rounds.

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          Our mission is to profitably channel part of our investors' savings towards projects with high growth potential led by ambitious and talented teams, so that they generate p...


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 is an investment platform that focuses on equity and loan crowdfunding for campaigns that are planning to raise between €50,000 and €1,000,000 thanks to various ...

          Funderbeam is a global equity funding and trading platform. We connect a diverse investor network with highly vetted growth companies across international markets and, thro...

          As pioneers in German-speaking crowdinvesting, we have been pursuing the mission with ROCKETS since 2013 to offer everyone the opportunity to participate in forward-looking...


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          Folkeinvest is the leading Nordic equity crowdfunding platform. We facilitate raising capital to scaling SME’s! Folkeinvest gives everyone the opportunity to participate...

          Find Funds

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          Find Funds is leading equity crowdfunding platform in Poland. We are operating since 2016 and successfully conducted over 25 crowdfunding campaigns. Our priority is reliabl...


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          We connect investors with entrepreneurs and support companies from start to finish in their crowdfunding campaigns


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          Fintelum security crowdfunding platform showcases alternative investments in primary and secondary market to global participants in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH) and fiat (EU...

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          Startups crowdfunding platforms operate in 12 countries and focus on Equity, Reward, P2P lending, Debt and Donation providing different investment opportunities for retail and accredited investors. The biggest number of Startups crowdfunding platforms are in Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom.

          The minimum investment amount varies from platform to platform and usually depends on the investment type or particular platform goals. On this listing, you will find crowdfunding platforms that offer investment opportunities starting at 0 with a maximum investment amount of 250.

          As a crowdfunding platform directory, we verify the most active crowdfunding platforms if they reach out and claim their profile. 14 crowdfunding platforms claimed their profile in this directory. They include Dozen, Scramble, Crowdbase, CrowdedHero, FinoMark and others.

          Fun fact: among all the crowdfunding platforms listed here, the oldest has been founded in 2011 and the youngest in 2021.

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