The best Farming crowdfunding platforms

An up-to-date list of Farming crowdfunding platforms at your disposal. Explore Farming crowdfunding websites to choose just the right one for your ambitions, interests, and values. Check out the filters to save time and find the crowdfunding platforms that match your criteria immediately.


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            Verified platform

            GoParity is a P2P lending platform that connects investors with sustainable projects for economic, social, and environmental impact, requiring a very low initial investm...


            Verified platform

            LendSecured is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on sustainable agricultural projects, helping farmers access funding.


            Verified platform

            “Bettervest funds global sustainable projects, specializing in African and German eco-efficiency ventures. Started in 2012, it provides a social and eco-friendly e...


            Verified platform

            Fongogo, founded in 2013, is Turkey's leading crowdfunding platform active in rewards, donation and equity-based verticals. Fongogo's mission is to provide dig...

            Bona Fides Invest

            Verified platform

            Bona Fides Invest is EU based fintech which globally helps individuals and organizations to fund their projects through crowdfunding.

            Coop Crowdfunding

            Verified platform

            Coop Crowdfunding brings consumers and producers closer together. We believe that this results in more sustainable production and better goods for everyone.

            Spark Crowdfunding is a Dublin-based equity crowdfunding platform that allows investors to fund Irish companies at low costs and quick pace.


            Verified platform

            CrowdedHero is an equity crowdfunding platform with a grown-up approach that provides investment services to all, featuring interest protection, vetted companies, divide...


            Verified platform

            Crowdbase is a European crowdfunding platform that facilitates investment in startups, innovative SMEs, and socially impactful real estate through equity and debt crowdf...


            Verified platform

            LandEx is Europe’s first crowdfunding land investment platform enabling retail and institutional investors to invest in plots of land, with a mission to democratiz...

            HeavyFinance is a marketplace, where investors and businesses dependent on the use of heavy equipment meet. The investment opportunities provided by the HeavyFinance pla...

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            Farming crowdfunding platforms operate in 14 countries and focus on Equity, Debt, P2P lending, Reward, Donation and Mini-bonds providing different investment opportunities for retail and accredited investors. The biggest number of Farming crowdfunding platforms are in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Spain.

            The minimum investment amount varies from platform to platform and usually depends on the investment type or particular platform goals. On this listing, you will find crowdfunding platforms that offer investment opportunities starting at 1 with a maximum investment amount of 100.

            As a crowdfunding platform directory, we verify the most active crowdfunding platforms if they reach out and claim their profile. 10 crowdfunding platforms claimed their profile in this directory. They include Bona Fides Invest, Coop Crowdfunding, Fongogo, Crowdbase, CrowdedHero and others.

            Fun fact: among all the crowdfunding platforms listed here, the oldest has been founded in 2012 and the youngest in 2021.


            How do Farming crowdfunding platforms work?

            While more crowdfunding businesses enter the market yearly, the basic principle behind them remains the same.

            Investors register on crowdfunding websites and choose a project or a campaign to invest in. Depending on the platform’s business model, if it’s equity, P2P, or even donation-based crowdfunding, investors receive either some regular returns or partial ownership of the companies.

            On the other side of the bargain, borrowers must present a compelling presentation and description of their campaign or project to win attention.

            For both sides, additional verification steps may be required to confirm their trustworthiness, credibility, and positive credit history.

            Keep in mind that as the niche keeps evolving, crowdfunding websites for Farming may tailor their own registration process to improve their user experience or comply with the legislation they fall under.

            How to choose the best crowdfunding platform for Farming?

            People naturally tend to jump onto the most popular options when looking for the best Farming crowdfunding sites. Still, regardless of the platform’s reputation, be sure to research it based on the following aspects:

            • if it’s regulated;
            • if there have been any defaults or failed projects, and how they were processed;
            • if it offers buyback guarantees;
            • what fees it charges;
            • who runs the company;
            • if it has a secondary market and auto-invest feature available;
            • what general reviews are.

            This basic set of questions will help to come up with a list of options that match your ambitions, feel reliable, and offer just the right risk-reward ratio for you.

            On top of that, we recommend studying the platform’s terms & conditions section, and if you run into any unclear provision, don’t hesitate to reach out to the provider’s support. It’s an easy yet effective way to see how transparent the company is and how it treats its clients.

            How to start investing in Farming projects?

            Crowdfunding platforms for Farming projects offer options today for both newbies and experienced investors.

            After doing your due diligence and checking the platform’s history and trustworthiness, the next major step is to start investing. But the important part is to start small and diversify across multiple loan types.

            It’ll allow you to reduce the risks of losing all of your investments and see which loan types seem more promising. We also recommend keeping up with the Farming news and following investors’ blogs to educate yourself and stay in the loop with recent developments.

            Frequently Asked Questions about Farming crowdfunding

            Is it a good idea to invest on Farming crowdfunding websites?

            While crowdfunding is still considered a fairly new investment option, it has proven to be a lucrative opportunity full of options for startups and investors alike.

            For companies, it’s an opportunity to get the necessary funding, excluding the traditional capital sources that involve a lot of bureaucracy. Additionally, it’s a way to grow early brand adopters and attract potential clients.

            On the other hand, investors can build passive income with higher return rates, solidify their investment portfolio, and support companies that share their values.

            With a vibrant market and new regulations introduced, more providers are earning a reputation as the best crowdfunding websites for Farming.The legislative framework development and the growing competition stimulate more platforms to enter the market. On top of that, it encourages the existing popular crowdfunding companies to improve their services and introduce new features to bring in companies and investors.

            Given these facts, if you do your homework and plan your investment strategy, you can diversify your portfolio and earn solid returns through crowdfunding loans.

            How do I start investing in Farming crowdfunding?

            You’ve decided on the crowdfunding niche you’re willing to invest in – excellent! It’s one of the first steps to kick off your investment journey.

            Later on, you’ll realise that there are many intricacies to take into account when investing in Farming  crowdfunding. But not to overwhelm you right from the start, here are some fundamental rules that will hopefully make your investment experience smooth and rewarding. 

            Browse the list of the best crowdfunding sites for Farming and research them to see how reliable they are and how they are compatible with your ambition and values. Popular providers do not necessarily always imply trustworthy investment options. So, scrutinise the platform’s reputation and investors’ reviews. 

            The next step will be determining if you are eligible to invest in the selected resource. Every platform may hold some specific requirements for investors, e.g. some crowdfunding providers work with accredited investors only. The same goes for the min investment amount, which varies a lot and may range from €10 to €1,000 and even more.

            When you start investing through Farming  crowdfunding, start small. Should something go wrong, you’ll avoid the stress of potentially losing your investment and having your portfolio damaged. 

            It’s also a great way to test out the platform and see what blank spots it has or which additional features you may want to consider. All in all, it’ll help you feel more secure in your future investment choices and give you an understanding of the major options available. 

            Lastly, check out investors’ blogs who specialise in Farming crowdfunding. They share their long-term experience and describe the pitfalls and opportunities best crowdfunding platforms for Farming  have. It’s a great resource to keep up with industry news.

            What should I know before investing in Farming crowdfunding?

            Before signing up for any investing resource, look into the platforms’ terms and conditions to make sure there are no unclear provisions for you and to be aware of the risks involved. Also, find out if the platform is regulated or if it’s planning to become such.

            Is Farming crowdfunding investment risky?

            There is a discussion among investors as to which crowdfunding investment niche has a relatively lower risk level. Still, it’s hard to outline one safer area since most crowdfunding investments are considered high-risk, so each project needs to be reviewed individually.

            Ultimately, it all comes down to the risk-reward ratio you are comfortable with.