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If you have hands-on experience with investing via P2P lending or crowdfunding platforms, we’d be glad to feature an article from you and put an active link to your website or Linkedin profile.

Topics we are interested in

  • Crowdfunding or P2P lending platform reviews
  • Investing tips
  • Best practices for raising capital via crowdfunding
  • P2P lending guidelines
  • Personal experience with investing or fundraising
  • Personal finance and financial security
  • General investing trends
  • Real estate investing
  • Impact and green energy investing
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What we don’t publish

  • Too much promotion
  • Copied content
  • Already published content
  • Misleading information
  • Platform advertisement

Content guidelines

  • Write in a casual and personal yet knowledgeable style, as if you were talking to a friend
  • Your article should be at least 1200 words.
  • Include relevant infographics or images
  • All factual information should be supported with relevant links and resources.
  • Your content should be plagiarism-free
  • Format your article and include headlines, lists, and shorter paragraphs to make content easy to scan
  • Pay attention to English grammar and punctuation

Who we write for

We write about investing and fundraising from the crowdfunding perspective with the aim to popularise it among the general public.

Our target audience is everyday investors exploring alternative investment opportunities as well as startups or early-stage businesses looking for financing. That’s why we try to make our content exhaustive yet unique, clear, and easy to comprehend.

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Why you should write for us

  • Get exposure to a more than 4K niche audience (and growing!)
  • Get a free link to your personal page or Linkedin profile
  • Increase your professional opportunities by building
  • Create connections within the alternative financing and investment industry
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