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  • Founded: 2008
    LendInvest is a UK based online platform that provides property finance and creates new solutions for property developers, brokers and investors. Since its launch is 2008, it has lent over £2 billion. Min investment is £5,000 for individual investors. Institutional investors can invest in opportunity funds or secured bonds.
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  • Founded: 2015
    Jungo's mission is to make fair alternative finance the standard. We connect people and in this way bring supply and demand together, without getting caught up in it ourselves. The benefit is for the customer.
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  • Founded: 2019


    FinoMark is a crowdfunding platform based on a fundraising and investment model that streamlines the funding process and provides a more efficient and value-added end-user solution. The main goal of FinoMark is to help every business achieve its intended business goals by providing the necessary financial services. You can now eliminate much of the hassle of planning for the future of your business. FinoMark aims to help you achieve your desired results, offers financial assistance in developing new business ideas and is willing to contribute to the development of your business. Offers a convenient and easy way to access finance for businesses, regardless of size, while adapting to individual conditions. This platform is distinguished by the fact that it offers borrowers the advice of financial experts, which will allow them to streamline and stabilize the company's financial position and avoid costly mistakes.
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