Who is CrowdSpace for?


Suppose you are a so-called retail or everyday investor just starting to explore your investment opportunities. In that case, you might have found some ads and promotions on various crowdfunding platforms and read reviews.

At CrowdSpace, we want to gather crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms with a proven reputation and provide an easy tool to filter those that fit you most.

crowdspace for investors


Small business or an established company looking for extra funding?

We all know about the most popular crowdfunding platforms for startups, but what if you are only eligible for funding from a specific country? Or maybe you are fundraising for a social cause?

At CrowdSpace, you will find platforms to choose from and professional advice on running a crowdfunding campaign. In the future, we will also add marketing agencies specialising in fundraising campaigns so you can connect and get first-hand help.

crowdspace for fundraisers

Crowdfunding platforms

Marketing and promotions are challenging for crowdfunding platforms due to high acquisition costs and regulatory restrictions. We want to help crowdfunding platforms reach their potential investors and fundraisers via CrowdSpace and gain more visibility on search engines.

crowdspace for crowdfunding platforms

Our team

crowdspace konstantin
Konstantin Boyko
Being CEO and Co-founder of CrowdSpace, Konstantin is eager to contribute to the crowdfunding industry in Europe by offering CrowdSpace tools to platforms, investors, fundraisers, and by actively participating in research, events and conferences across the European crowdfunding community.
crowdspace olga
Olga Okhrimenko
Marketing & Communications
Olga takes care of CrowdSpace as a product to ensure that it provides up-to-date information to users and offers the necessary tools to find crowdfunding platforms easily. Should you have any feedback about CrowdSpace or valuable suggestions — feel free to ping Olga.
crowdspace darya
Darya Zarya
Head of Content
Informative articles and exciting interviews with platform owners are the work of Darya — a master of words and senses. She picks hot topics about crowdfunding and establishes relationships with platforms to promote crowdfunding across the investing community. If you have collaboration ideas, reach out to Darya.
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