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Safe investments and passive income with up to 14.9% return. Start earning with Maclear. Don’t delay – Invest today.

Minimum investment
50 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Bank transfer
Total funding volume
Average loan duration
12 months
What does Maclear offer?
New Bonus Program from Maclear to be effective from Feb.2024 🔥
Dear Investors,
We are aware of the buyback guarantee issue because many investors were asking for it. To provide liquidity to investors and partial early repayment by the Borrowing Project of the principal amount to investors who desire it, we decided to negotiate this opportunity with our borrowing project, trying to find some solutions.
As a result of this work, we would like to inform you about an exciting new opportunity to be realized on our platform. The Maclear team successfully negotiated with our borrower, Estlat Building Co., an early repayment opportunity (buyback) for investors and, as a result, agreed on the following:
  • Applicable to Estlat Stage 4 fundraising campaign.
  • The borrower Estlat Building Co. guarantees a partial back purchase (buyback) of investments, starting from the amount of 2500 EUR and over, on the following conditions:
  • This can happen no earlier than 3 months after the project (stage) is successfully funded. The investor can apply for a return of 50% of the investment amount, and within 30 days, the borrower should process such a request and return the investment partially, withholding 5% of the amount to be returned as an early repayment fee.
  • After 6 months from the date when the project (stage) is funded, the investor can apply for a return of another 25% of the investment amount and within 30 days, the borrower should process the request and return the investment, also withholding 5% from the amount to be returned.

*Please note that this partial buyback program applies for investments of 2500 Euros (min) and over. Investments lower than 2500 Eur do not qualify for it.


Our main priority is to guarantee the financial security of our investors. You always get your interest payments on time without delays.

Our goal

Creation of a multi-level service where all our investors can access proven and diversified international investment opportunities with a low entry threshold and absolute transparency. Borrowers can quickly obtain financing at favorable terms and conditions, allowing them to develop their business ideas more effectively without wasting time and effort.

Maclear — your way to stability

Our investors have chosen Maclear for its risk-free procedures, robust financial security, profitable referral and loyalty programs, easy-to-use platform and high returns.

  • Forget about payment delays. With Maclear, you always get your profit on time.
  • Each project is carefully monitored until the principal is repaid.
  • We have experience in the FinTech industry, and we know what our clients need.
  • Maclear uses a proprietary risk assessment system for all investment requests.


How are projects selected to be listed on the Maclear platform?

  1. Our company is scrupulous about picking investment projects. For a potential borrowing project to be considered by Maclear specialists, we require that the applicant fill out a special questionnaire supported by numerous legal and financial documentary data about the borrower, beneficiaries, and possible guarantees.
  2. The project’s initiator should also provide a detailed business plan and a financial model with complete legal, economic, and marketing analysis.
  3. Afterwards, the project is initially evaluated and verified by our personnel. After obtaining the necessary documents, a potential borrowing project passes a multi-level verification, which includes but is not limited to compliance, due diligence, and risk assessment processes. If the project has passed all verification stages, our experts conduct the final stage of negotiations with the project initiators and sign all necessary and obligatory legal agreements. After that, the project appears on the platform.
Who can invest on Maclear?

To become an investor, you must be at least 18 years old and be a resident of EEA (European economic area) countries.

However, before you can start investing, you need to go through the verification process. Once your identity has been verified, you can transfer money to your Maclear account and invest in projects you’d like.

Identity verification happens automatically and normally takes 10 minutes to complete.

What are Maclear fees?

Our investors do not pay deposit fees. All the fees are on Maclear.

The withdrawal fee is 0.5% (minimum 2 EUR), and it’s fixed for any withdrawal amount.

Profile strength: Strong
Would you invest via Maclear?
What is the target industry of the Maclear crowdfunding website?

Maclear offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the SME sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at Maclear crowdfunding platform?

At Maclear, you can start investing with 50€.

What types of investment does the Maclear crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models Maclear operates is Debt, P2P lending.

Denis Ustjev
Denis Usnjev
CEO, Co-Founder
Alexandr Nikitin
Aleksandr Nikitin
CFO, Co-Founder
Alexej Martin
Alexej Martin
Director, secondary AMLA officer
Simon Brauchli
Simon Brauchli
Chief Accountant
Igor Bannikov
Igor Bannikov
Chief Risk Officer
Natalia Huk
Nataliya Huk

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