The best crowdfunding platforms in Finland

Finland crowdfunding websites offer debt and equity investing opportunities for retail and accredited investors. While being a relatively young alternative investment marketing, crowdfunding in Finland is growing and becomes more attractive for startups and real estate developers. So, if you want to diversify your portfolio, Finland's crowdfunding is something to consider.
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            Invesdor is a crowdfunding platform connecting investors and companies based in Helsinki. It has facilitated €64M investments with 73% success rate and average pre-money...

            Scramble is a European-based fintech firm with HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s supported by a significant investor group, including senior execs from Facebook, Skype,...

            Safe investments and passive income with up to 14% return. Start earning with Maclear. Don’t delay – Invest today.

            REALTY BUNDLES is a real estate crowdfunding platform that provides carefully selected real estate portfolios managed by expert real estate agencies. Portfolios can offe...

            Privanet is a top Finnish marketplace for unlisted securities, offering brokerage services and knowledge of local companies. Funding is typically in the range of EUR 1-5...

            “Fixura is a P2P-lending company connecting investors and private persons to provide financing with fair interest rates, contributing to the Finnish economy and re...

            Vauraus offers investment opportunities to lend money for Finnish SMEs and gain returns, or businesses can avail of quick, flexible and unsecured loans.

   is a funding platform for projects ranging from art and culture to community work and technological innovations, enabling collective action through easily ...

            Fellow Finance is an online platform for lending and borrowing money in Europe. Individuals and businesses can get funding while investors can earn interest. It is super...

            PlusPlus uses crowdfunding to support agricultural businesses in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, boosting food security and employment. Investors provide loans for grow...

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            There are 10 crowdfunding platforms in Finland that focus on Equity, Debt, P2P lending and Donation. They provide investment opportunities for retail and accredited investors in various business sectors: Real estate, Startups, SME, Sustainability, Green energy and Social cause.

            The minimum investment amount depends on the crowdfunding platform type and industry. On this listing, you will find crowdfunding platforms that offer investment opportunities starting at 10€ with a maximum investment amount of 100000€.

            As a crowdfunding platform directory, we verify the most active crowdfunding platforms if they reach out and claim their profile. On this listing, 4 crowdfunding platforms claimed their profile and have a Verified Badge.

            Fun fact: among all the crowdfunding platforms listed here, the oldest has been founded in 2000 and the youngest in 2020.


            How to choose a reliable crowdfunding platform in Finland?

            There are plenty of providers on the market that operate different business models and offer various opportunities for startups and individuals.

            Firstly, decide which crowdfunding type may suit you best, depending on your ambitions and needs: if you want to invest and earn money or get funding.

            Then dive in and look up the crowdfunding companies in Finland that match your criteria. To help you evaluate them, try researching the following questions:

            • How long has this platform existed, and what are the reviews?
            • Have there been any defaults? If so, how were they handled?
            • What are the fees for investors and borrowers?
            • What are the terms and conditions? Are they similar to other providers?

            Finding the answers to these fundamental questions increases your chances of trusting your project to one of the best crowdfunding platforms in Finland or elsewhere.


            How do crowdfunding platforms work in Finland?

            All the crowdfunding providers either fall under the ESCP regulation or their local legislation.

            On the whole, the crowdfunding market in Finland offer diverse opportunities for investors and individuals looking for capital to fund their businesses or help with donations for a charity cause.


            Advantages of crowdfunding investing in Finland?

            Although crowdfunding is often viewed as a relatively new financing method, it has some unique advantages for investors.

            Firstly, you don’t need to be an accredited investor to participate in projects from top crowdfunding sites in Finland. There are indeed crowdfunding providers that allow accredited investors only, but that’s rather an exception.

            Secondly, you can access industries previously available only to a narrow investor pool — for instance, real estate, startups or small businesses.

            What’s important is that you set the funding amount you are comfortable with, and it doesn’t have to be a significant one right from the start. All the sites have a minimum investment amount disclosed, so you are free to choose and manage the investment sum, as time passes.

            Thirdly, you get to choose from an unprecedented variety of investment niches. From consumer loans on P2P lending platforms to equity shares of a brand that matches your vision and satisfies your needs as a customer. As an investor, you can set your priorities and manage them as your values and ambitions transform.

            What also derives from this broad choice are the opportunities to diversify and solidify your portfolio by balancing loans of different risk levels.

            Frequently Asked Questions about crowdfunding in Finland

            Is it a good idea to invest in crowdfunding in Finland?

            Just like any other investment alternative, crowdfunding in Finland involves some risks.

            That’s why before making any investment decisions, we recommend researching the market first and looking into the list of crowdfunding platforms in Finland. If you do your homework and ensure that the funding project and the platform are safe for investors, there are good chances to build a steady passive income. Crowdfunding in Finland isn’t an entirely new phenomenon, but if it’s a new area for you, start small to test the waters.

            While serious legislative efforts exist to create a unified crowdfunding market, every country has a different business climate. So, invest in research first and then in projects to build a solid portfolio and earn money.

            What crowdfunding types are available in Finland?

            Top crowdfunding platforms in Finland include donation, debt, reward, and equity crowdfunding providers. There are various opportunities for investors, startups and existing early-stage businesses, depending on their ambitions and the capital needed.

            Who can invest through crowdfunding in Finland?

            On the whole, anyone can currently invest in crowdfunding loans. Still, some crowdfunding websites in Finland have their specific policy and requirements for investors. For instance, they may allow accredited investors only.

            It’s also important to stay in the loop of what’s happening in the legislative field. Since the crowdfunding industry has developed rapidly over the past decade, governments are gradually responding to the need to regulate it.

            While nothing usually happens fast in this area, legislative changes may impact your portfolio in the long run. So, keep up with the latest news to properly plan your investment strategy and seize promising opportunities.

            Which European country has the most favourable crowdfunding market?

            With the introduction of the ESCP regulations, also known as pan-European crowdfunding regulation, all the existing crowdfunding platforms are supposed to operate under the same rules. Nonetheless, we can’t deny some local factors that make one crowdfunding market different, such as previous industry history and local legislation.

            Per some recent reviews and analyses, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands are claimed to have the most potential and favourable conditions for the crowdfunding business.

            In the global context, Europe’s crowdfunding market volume takes third place, after the US and the UK.

            Is crowdfunding a legal investment method in Finland?

            Yes, crowdfunding is legal in most countries, such as the USA, the UK, Japan, along with the European states.

            Is crowdfunding a good capital source for startups in Finland?

            Despite the crowdfunding risks, it’s a decent alternative for startups and early-stage businesses willing to raise capital for their launch or expansion.

            Crowdfunding helps entrepreneurs access a larger investor pool eliminating the need to depend on one financial institution or individual investor to fund their projects. It’s also a chance to get the necessary funding through multiple smaller investments from more individuals.

            The more compelling your project presentation is and the more channels you use to reach out to potential investors, the more chances there are to hit the target. It all comes down to your creativity and persistence.

            While investors, on the other side, get to fund projects previously accessible only to high-net individuals, venture capitalists and angel investors. From their perspective, it’s an opportunity to invest in a profitable business that will eventually grow into a successful company.

            Essentially, platforms offer space and opportunities for both parties involved, excluding more rigid financing options, such as banks, as a middleman.