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Invesdor is an equity-based crowdfunding platform based in Helsinki, Finland. The company was founded in May 2012. Invesdor has been reported as being the first equity-based crowdfunding service in Northern Europe. It operates as a matching service between investors and companies.

Since its founding, 64 million euros have been invested in growth companies via Invesdor. So far 133 companies have successfully raised funding giving a success rate of 73%. The average pre-money valuation is 2.5M euros, offering on average from 9% to 17% of equity. There is an average of 170 investors per round, investing on average 2,900 euros each. There are also many angel investments in the amounts of 40,000/50,000 euros

Key information

  • Platform Fee N/A
  • Payment Fee N/A
  • Interest rate 6.49%
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number FIVA 39/02.02.00/2014
  • Languages English, German, Finnish
  • Address Invesdor Oy Salomonkatu 17 A 00100 Helsinki
  • Who can invest? N/A
  • Reviews Check on

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  • Sustainability

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