• Industry: Real estate, SME, Mortgages, Maritime
  • Type: P2P lending
  • Min. investment: 10000
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Follow:

HNW Lending Verified platform

HNW Lending is a p2p asset-based lender that has been trading for over 8 years and has arranged over 450 loans to date with over £115 million lent.

The Directors of HNW Lending Ltd take a first loss position in all loans — this means that if a loan were not to repay in full the HNW Directors lose money before investors lose money
We facilitate loans to individuals and businesses who have assets such as property (UK and overseas), cars, pensions, etc as security for the loan.

Loan sizes range from £30k to £3m

Key information

  • Interest rate 12
  • Secondary market Yes
  • Registration number 712956
  • Languages English
  • Address 72 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QQ
  • Who can invest? Individuals, Corporates, ISAs, Pension funds

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