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Bondster is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of loan marketplaces in Europe and the first and only loan marketplace of its kind in the Czech Republic.

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What does Bondster offer?

Bondster connects trusted lenders with retail investors and offers you an attractive alternative to traditional investment.

Bondster helps Loan Originators refinance their loan portfolio through its investment platform and at the same time provide its investors with attractive investment opportunities with high-yield returns.

Who can invest on Bondster?

Adult citizens of the Czech Republic, adult citizens of other European Union countries and selected countries outside the EU, as well as legal entities with a registered office in the European Union, can register.

A condition for successful registration and the possibility to invest is a bank account held in the name of a registered company within the EU, which is one of the important aspects for verification of identity.

Would you invest via Bondster?
General information
Bondster is a Czech P2P firm, offering investments in consumer loans and business loans. Founded in 2017, it has now grown to a size of over 12’000 registered investors, and over €70’000’000 being lent. Consumer loans can be a profitable investment with above-market returns yet there is a potential for risk as consumer loans in majority of cases are not secured to any collaterals, unlike business or property loans.
Bondster is a well-established P2P platform based in Czech Republic, with over 12000 registered Investors and over € 70’000’000 lent. This marks a great test-of-time for the platform, which offers great returns of 7.6% when investments are done in CZK and 14.2% when done in EUR. Further pros extend through a minimum investment of only €5 and a great feature of performing Investments via auto-invest. Additionally, Bondster does offer Buyback guarantees where such features will be included in the majority of loans. In general, Bondster has been offering great and clear service to all Investors where investments can be executed worldwide, followed by high returns and yet no commission.
Board team
One and only board member is the current CEO of Bondster, Pavel Klema. Pavel Klema has got a rich experience in finance that has allowed to contribute to the growth of Bondster.
Would you invest via Bondster?
Would you invest via Bondster?

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