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If you want to invest in projects that don't only offer financial benefits, but also make an impact, then green energy crowdfunding platforms in France are a great choice to support local startups with a focus on renewable energy. The sustainable investment marketplaces in France offer debt and equity investing opportunities and allow companies to raise capital for sustainable projects in the ESG sector.
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            Enerfip is a savings solution dedicated to the energy transition. Our goal is to enable citizens and communities to regain control over the energy policies of their terr...

            Lendopolis is a crowdfunding platform, dedicated to business projects in the renewable energy and real estate sectors that allows VSEs / SMEs over 2 years of age to borr...

            Lendosphere is the 1st crowdfunding platform in interest-bearing loans dedicated to the energy transition.

            At the origin of Collecticity, there is the desire to develop stable, attractive, transparent savings, through local public or semi-public projects that make sense. ...

            AkuoCoop allows individuals and companies to invest in green energy production plants while benefiting from the know-how of Akuo, a French independent producer of renewa...

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            There are 5 Green energy crowdfunding platforms in France. They offer Equity, Debt, P2P lending or Donation investment opportunities for retail and accredited investors.

            The minimum investment amount varies from platform to platform and usually depends on the industry or particular platform goals. On this listing, you will find crowdfunding platforms that offer investment opportunities starting at 1€ with a maximum investment amount of 50.

            As a crowdfunding platform directory, we verify the most active crowdfunding platforms if they reach out and claim their profile. On this listing, 1 crowdfunding platforms claimed their profile. They include Enerfip and others.

            Fun fact: among all the crowdfunding platforms listed here, the oldest has been founded in 2014 and the youngest in 2017.

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