• Industry: Green energy
  • Type: Equity, P2P lending
  • Min. investment: €10
  • Country: Netherlands

Genervest Verified platform

Genervest is a whole new way to invest ethically and socially. It lets investors – who they call Genervestors – big and small – grow their money while supporting the energy transition. Genervest gives the people the power to control how their money is spent when they invest it and so gives the people the power to stop climate change.

Key information

  • Platform Fee 1%
  • Payment Fee No
  • Secondary market Yes
  • Registration number 860783935
  • Languages English, Greek, French, Dutch
  • Address NDSM-plein, 32 1033WB Amsterdam
  • Who can invest? Genervest gives the people the power to stop climate change, anyone can invest.

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