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Find out the best Debt crowdfunding platforms in Netherlands and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • NLInvesteert believes in the importance of accessible financing for SMEs. That is why we organize business financing at nearby entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs make their dreams come true and a wide spectrum of financiers contribute. In addition, private investors (equity/subordinated loans) receive a good return on their capital.
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  • Bouwaandeel offers project developers and other initiators access to private capital. We offer project developers and planners a platform to present their plans to the rest of the Netherlands. Each project is carefully checked by us for quality, financial proposition and feasibility. Our secure digital environment makes it possible for private individuals to invest both small and large amounts in real estate projects. With Bouwshare we want to stimulate desired developments in your living environment. By investing via our platform you help with this and you receive a return on your investment.
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  • Greencrowd has been investing in and financing sustainable energy projects since its foundation in mid-2012. Greencrowd has its own crowdfunding platform that is housed in a foundation. The Greencrowd Foundation has an exemption from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for mediating in attracting repayable funds and is registered under number 19000008. Under this regime, the Greencrowd Foundation may mediate in corporate loan agreements. For this reason, borrowers will never be private individuals at the Greencrowd Foundation.
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