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            Invest in diverse real estate projects across 5 European countries with Reinvest24, boasting a 14% average yield and 0 default projects.

            Safe investments and passive income with up to 14% return. Start earning with Maclear. Don’t delay – Invest today.

            Scramble is a European-based fintech firm with HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s supported by a significant investor group, including senior execs from Facebook, Skype,...


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            monefit is a financial toolkit with low fees and minimal barriers to entry. It’s accessible, regulated, and promotes responsible lending.


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            Crowdestate is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace providing pre-vetted investment opportunities with a low 100 euro minimum investment, a secondary market, and an au...


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            Monestro is an Estonian P2P lending platform where lenders and borrowers directly connect, providing an average gross return of 26%.


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            BOLDYIELD is a real estate & cash-flow business crowdfunding platform that connects investors with developers to grow wealth & fund businesses.


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            Brickfy is an investment platform that simplifies portfolio diversification across various asset classes from different platforms with a single KYC.

            Swaper is an investment platform allowing loans investment, offering up to 16% annual yield. Innovative features, including an AI portfolio, have contributed to its grow...

            EstateGuru is a marketplace for property-backed loans, connecting borrowers with a large investor base for quick access to funds. Investors can find diversified investme...

            Income Marketplace is a fintech platform that aims to revolutionize the lending industry by offering globalized loans to retail investors with advanced security features...

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            There are 23 P2P lending crowdfunding platforms in Estonia. They focus on Real estate, Startups, SME, Sustainability, Personal loans, Mortgages or Farming providing different investment opportunities for retail and accredited investors.

            The minimum investment amount varies from platform to platform and usually depends on the industry or particular platform goals. On this listing, you will find crowdfunding platforms that offer investment opportunities starting at 1€ with a maximum investment amount of 100.

            As a crowdfunding platform directory, we verify the most active crowdfunding platforms if they reach out and claim their profile. On this listing, 8 crowdfunding platforms claimed their profile. They include Maclear, monefit, Brickfy, BOLDYIELD, Scramble and others.

            Fun fact: among all the crowdfunding platforms listed here, the oldest has been founded in 2006 and the youngest in 2021.