• Industry: Personal loans
  • Type: P2P lending
  • Min. investment: €10
  • Country: Estonia
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Income Marketplace

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Income is a marketplace that enables investors to invest in loans from around the world. They are disrupting the market of investing in loans by the novel use of technology and by implementing security features successfully used by institutional investors, which have not been available to retail investors.

Key information

  • Platform Fee Free for investors
  • Payment Fee N/A
  • Interest rate 12%
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 16014116
  • Languages English, Estonian, German
  • Address Maakri 19/2 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
  • Who can invest? Eligibility requirements: — Have a bank account in one of the countries of the European Economic Area; — EEA country-issued passport, ID card, or residence permit; — Be at least 18 years old; — Provide a copy of identification documents to the Income Company.
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