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Crowdfunding platforms in Latvia: best options to invest

One of the Baltic Tigers, Latvia, is experiencing a crazy public interest in crowdfunding activities now.  Just check out CrowdfundInsider’s newsfeed about Latvian companies getting authorisation for alternative financing services. According to Statista, the total value of alternative financing in Latvia during 2020 was $237 million, the number of platforms — 19.  A friendly regulation […]
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Crowdfunding in Estonia: market overview and top players

Let’s begin with empirical observation. If you have ever looked up any crowdfunding platforms, you must have noticed that a big chunk of them are based in Baltic countries.  Seems like crowdfunding is truly getting momentum there. Naturally, we can’t help but research this phenomenon.  We have already covered crowdfunding platforms in Latvia, and are proceeding […]
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Top crowdlending platforms in Europe 2022

Crowdlending is one of the most mature and fastest-growing sectors of crowdfunding, that’s why the interest of investors in crowdlending is growing rapidly.  How much money can an investor make on crowdlending? And how to select the best crowdlending platform? Let’s learn more about crowdlending, its benefits and drawbacks, and find out whether it’s a […]

Private vs Public Crowdfunding: the US and EU Markets

An increasing number of start-ups and established companies use crowdfunding to raise money for launching or scaling their business.  If you’re building a crowdfunding platform, it’s important to understand the target audience and whom you can rely on to finance more deals: raising funds from “the public”, also known as retail investors or addressing the […]

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IPO vs Equity Crowdfunding

IPO is frequently compared to equity crowdfunding, and some people even mistake one for another. Even though both processes are indeed connected with raising capital, they are different.  In this article we are going to explore both.  In an IPO, the shares of a private company go public. An IPO can serve to raise equity […]

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How to automate your crowdfunding platform

How to automate your crowdfunding platform

According to the statistics, the global investment market will grow by 10% and reach $390M by 2023 and automation is the first reason for the growth. In this article, we are going to talk about the best way to automate your crowdfunding business.

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