Arkbound launches a book crowdfunding platform to support aspiring authors

Glasgow-based author John McGlade is the first person to raise funds to publish his novel through Crowdbound, an innovative platform specializing in crowdfunding for books.

Independent charity publisher Arkbound has introduced Crowdbound, a crowdpublishing platform, that supports authors raising acute social questions.

“Having the personal interaction with Arkbound was invaluable. It wasn’t a faceless organisation where I didn’t know where to turn if I needed help,” John McGlade says.

At Crowdbound, just in ten days, John reached his goal.

“Up until this point, we had depended a lot on grants to support the production of books, which often run into the thousands of pounds. Now, money raised from crowdfunding can enable us to support a larger group of authors, whose work covers important social or environmental themes,” Elsie Elder, Publishing Executive, notes.

Crowdbound is looking for project submissions. Topics should cover environmental sustainability or social inclusion. 

For more information and to arrange interviews, please contact Zoe McClellan via or 0141 5724602.

Arkbound is an open, collaborative, rebellious and creative charity. Staff and trustees have lived experience of social and environmental disadvantage. It is an ‘outsider organisation’ committed to confronting established power networks that fuel, or at best ignore, exploitation of people and the environment.

Arkbound supports people to publish books with titles that cover topics including homelessness, disability, mental health, substance misuse, imprisonment, poverty, and the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities. Arkbound’s focus is to provide a way for new voices to be heard and to expose misunderstood issues.

John McGlade is a freelance writer in Glasgow who has scripted many satirical shows, winning a nomination to the BBC Audio Drama Awards for his radio scripts. He has also published poems, short stories, and flash fiction, with written performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and across the UK.

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