Best P2P lending platforms in 2023

reviewing some of the P2P industry leaders in 2023

As 2023 is slowly wrapping up, it looks like just the right time to see which P2P lending providers have either made a leap or consistently remain among investors’ favourites. So, let’s proceed! 

What is P2P lending? 

P2P lending is a form of alternative investing that allows individual investors to lend their funds directly to borrowers via online P2P platforms. It excludes mediators like banks, saves time and paperwork, and offers more lucrative returns.

Borrowers who participate in P2P loans are usually individuals or small businesses who may need money for various purposes. When submitting for a loan, they provide info as to loan amount, duration, as well as their creditworthiness, preferably confirmed by their previous credit history.

Lenders or investors, on the other side, can choose loans depending on their duration, risk level, interest rates, and the borrower’s personal profile.

The other option is to have the platform automatically spread the investment across multiple loans. It’s a trendy option for a few good reasons, but mainly because it saves the hassle of picking the loans and strengthens investor’s portfolios from a diversification standpoint. It’s common for P2P platforms to develop AI-powered algorithms that analyse deals, selecting the ones that match investors’ goals and benefit their portfolios. This feature usually goes as an “auto-invest” option.

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How does P2P lending work?

In a nutshell, this is how the process follows:

  1. A borrower signs up at a P2P lending website and applies for a loan. 
  2. The platform’s company reviews the application, and if it complies with their borrower requirements, the loan gets listed. Sometimes, it can even pre-finance a part of the loan’s amount in advance. 
  3. Next, investors can see and invest in the loans or, as mentioned earlier, the platform may automatically distribute the loans across a few investors’ portfolios. 
  4. Per the agreed loan schedule and payment increments, the borrower pays back the loan amount, including the interest and the platform’s fee.

This is the backbone of P2P lending mechanisms. As the industry progresses and the market becomes more abundant, more platforms develop their own processes to improve the experience for their clients and help them achieve their investing or fundraising goals more efficiently. The growing market competition and rapid tech advancements contribute to it significantly.

Best P2P lending platforms in 2023 

Now it’s time to get straight to the P2P lending providers that have gained positive reviews this year and are most probably worth your attention.


Lendermarket is a dynamic Estonia-based P2P marketplace launched in 2019 as a by-product of Credit Star, one of Europe’s largest consumer finance companies. 


It’s a multi-lender platform that offers an easy sign-up for their clients with just EUR 10 as the minimum investment amount. They also provide buyback guarantees, which means that investors can be secure to get their money back, should something go wrong with the loan. 

What additionally boosts their trustworthiness is their transparency. You can find their financial statistics available to the public. The auto-invest feature is a handy addition to the benefits list that helps investors build a passive income.


Profitus is one of the leaders among Lithuanian crowd-investing websites that have been operating since 2017 and have earned a reliable reputation among investors. It’s primarily due to the fact that the real estate secures their loans. 


They are very diligent and specific about the projects they involve, which results in an impressive track record of successfully delivered projects. Profitus team focuses on the P2P loans backed by property since they’re tangible, inflation-resistant, and generate additional income. 

The minimum investment amount here is 100 EUR. Profitus also reveal their financial statistics and offer their investors a secondary market.

NEO Finance

NEO Finance is another large Lithuania-based P2P lending provider specialising in consumer loans. It is known for being the most regulated P2P company, having obtained local and European licenses. 


NEO Finance also leverage the latest AI-powered technology for its credit scoring system to enhance transparency and manage risks. Investors can try out their services starting with just 10 EUR and an opportunity to access the secondary market.

Who we are 

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Final thoughts

P2P lending can offer decent diversification opportunities and potentially produce passive income. Obviously, some universal essential indicators to choose the best P2P platform mainly speak of the provider’s clean financial and legislative basis. 

Still, to make the right decision, you must understand that it matches your investing needs and can help you achieve your goals.

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