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NEO Finance is a P2P lending platform in Lithuania, connecting borrowers to lenders internationally. It offers EMI license, safety of clients’ money and Provision Fund to reduce investment risk.

Minimum investment
10 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Total funding volume
Average loan duration
What does Neofinance offer?

NEO Finance is one of the leading P2P lending platforms in Lithuania. The platform is an intermediary for consumer loans that connects lenders directly with borrowers with the intention that lenders can earn higher returns. Offering international investors the possibility to invest in the loans of Lithuanian consumer credit receivers.

Neo Finance is the first Lithuanian P2P platform operator to hold the unlimited EMI licence, which allows operations in the entire European Union. This ensures the safety of clients’ money, as it is kept in an account separate from that of the company. In addition, the company is constantly supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

When agreements with borrowers are terminated, investors can sell their investments for 50-80% of their face value to NEO Finance. Also, a unique service of Provision Fund allows investors to reduce their investment risk: if a loan defaults, NEO Finance guarantees to repay investors with all the company assets as collateral.

All debts are handled by a single firm, which has been a long-term partner of NEO Finance. The company has 8+ years of experience in delinquent loans recovery, which ensures speed and quality of the service: 65% of debts have been collected within two years.

Who can invest on Neofinance?

Citizens of the European Union with a valid personal document (passport or ID card) or valid mobile signature can invest.

Would you invest via Neofinance?
What is the target industry of the Neofinance crowdfunding website?

Neofinance offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the SME sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at Neofinance crowdfunding platform?

At Neofinance, you can start investing with 10€.

What types of investment does the Neofinance crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models Neofinance operates is P2P lending.

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