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Find out the best Equity crowdfunding platforms in United Kingdom and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • CapitalRise Founded: 2015
    CapitalRise is an online platform for prime property lending and investing. The platform disrupts the old way of investing in property to give everyday investors easy and direct access to real estate investments of the finest quality that generate attractive returns. By eliminating the middlemen, CapitalRise enables investors to earn forecast returns of 8% to 12% per year.
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  • Jaevee Founded: 2016
    JaeVee is a UK-based property crowdfunding platform that provides investors and developers with opportunities in the United Kingdom property market from the comfort of your own home, around the globe. It allows property developers to build more homes and investors to invest in a more diverse portfolio of properties & buy to let opportunities.
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  • Uown Founded: 2016
    UOWN is an online platform for people to buy, sell and own shares in the property. It's a Yorkshire based fin-tech startup using property crowdfunding to democratize how people invest money in property.
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  • Igloo Crowd Founded: 2016
    Igloo Crowd offers property investment opportunities through its innovative online marketplace. Property crowdfunding opportunities are offered to registered investors, with options of buy to let, and buy to sell. Working with properties across the United Kingdom, the platform scopes out attractive, below market value properties and uses crowdfunding to help investors start their journey on the property investment ladder.
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  • Brickowner Founded: 2017
    A crowdfunding platform that enables all investors to access the kinds of property investment opportunities usually only available to large, professional investors. Brickowner aggregates investors investing smaller sums through the platform, enabling investors to access these professionally managed investment opportunities.
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  • Hilltop Credit Partners Founded: 2018
    Hilltop Credit Partners is a specialist funding partner for small and mid-sized United Kingdom residential property developers and housebuilders. It provides tailored financing solutions to established developers who know their local markets but need access to attractive capital to effectively scale.
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  • Co-lend Founded: 2019
    Co-Lend connects investors with professional landlords, providing exciting asset-backed investment opportunities.
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