• Industry: Real estate
  • Type: Equity
  • Min. investment: £1
  • Country: United Kingdom
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Crowd With Us

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The smarter way to invest in property.

We make property market investment more accessible by offering a portfolio of fixed-return and low-risk property deals. Our goal is to save you time and money by cutting out the middleman.

Through our unique online platform we match investors and property developers and provide transparent and up-to-date information to best support investment decision making.

We offer one-to-one assistance to help you understand and negotiate the complex and crowded property market in the South East.

Our goal is to inspire trust, and enable you to confidently take advantage of comparatively high-yield investment opportunities.

- Experienced and dynamic team, with over £52million in Gross Development Value (GDV) property deals.
- 100% track record on returning investor funds and profits.
- Innovative risk mitigation and deal monitoring technology with traditional client management.

Key information

  • Platform Fee No
  • Payment Fee As an investor, the only fees you will pay are a small 45p fee each time you withdraw funds.
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 9243491
  • Languages English
  • Address Clerkenwell Workshops, Unit G05, 27/31 Clerkenwell Close Farringdon, London, EC1R 0AT
  • Who can invest? The investments on Crowd With Us are only available to investors over the age of 18 who meet certain net worth or investment sophistication criteria. We accept both the UK and international investors. For non-UK citizens, please contact us, and we will help you through the process.
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