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REALTY BUNDLES is a real estate crowdfunding platform that provides carefully selected real estate portfolios managed by expert real estate agencies. Portfolios can offer a reduced risk of loss.

Minimum investment
250 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Bank transfer
Total funding volume
What does REALTY BUNDLES offer?

About the platform

We are a new kind of platform for real estate investors. We believe that people should be able to invest regardless of their budget or how experienced they are. So, we came up with REALTY BUNDLES, a simple, intuitive and even fun way to invest in real estate around the world.

How it works

We connect investors with international investment opportunities using “Bundles”. A Bundle is an investment vehicle that holds multiple assets based on the Bundle’s unique investment strategy.

When you invest in a Bundle, you own a piece of each of its assets – that’s so cool! You will be able to track your investment and see where your money is going 24/7 on our platform.

Services we provide

We are the end-to-end managers of the Bundles. We are always searching for investment opportunities and partner with experienced local real estate investment firms and asset managers to find them. We provide investors with full transparency of our activities through our website.

Reducing investors’ risks

Investors don’t like losing their money. Who does? That’s why we invented the Bundle concept which spreads investors’ money over a portfolio of different assets. This approach avoids single asset failures and is the right strategy for many investors.

Who can invest on REALTY BUNDLES?

REALTY BUNDLES allows almost anyone, no matter how small their budget, to invest in and generate passive income from real estate. We offer a user-friendly system that makes investing as easy (and fun!) as buying a pair of shoes online and, by offering bundles instead of specific properties, we help you build a diversified property portfolio that will reduce your exposure to risk.

By investing with REALTY BUNDLES, you will own a portion (in proportion to your investment) of all the properties in the Bundle/portfolio alongside the other Bundle investors.

When you invest more money, the entire investment portfolio grows and it becomes possible to add more assets.

What are REALTY BUNDLES fees?

Besides the initial investment, you’ll need to pay:

1. Management fee: An annual fee of 0.5% of the assets under management (AUM) is paid by each bundle to cover management costs.

2. Success fee: We only charge a success fee when the bundle’s profits reach at least 5% p.a. Above 5%, we are entitled to a success fee calculated in the following ways:

  • For profits of up to 10%, we charge an additional 1% fee (for example, for a bundle generating 8% profit p.a., we will charge 8% of the profits or ~0.64% of the AUM).
  • For profits above 10%, we charge a 2% success fee (for example, for a bundle generating 13% profit p.a., we will charge 16% or ~2.08% of the AUM).

3. Agency fee: REALTY BUNDLES charges the agencies we work with a commission as agreed with each agency.

Profile strength: Strong
Would you invest via REALTY BUNDLES?
What is the target industry of the REALTY BUNDLES crowdfunding website?

REALTY BUNDLES offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the Real estate sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at REALTY BUNDLES crowdfunding platform?

At REALTY BUNDLES, you can start investing with 250€.

What types of investment does the REALTY BUNDLES crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models REALTY BUNDLES operates is Equity.

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