Simple Crowdfunding Verified platform

Simple Crowdfunding helps make property investment accessible to everyone, whilst helping property developers deliver more homes in the UK.
So far, investors have learnt about renovation, HMO conversions, planning gain, how to build new homes, commercial to residential conversions, title splits and more, all through their investments.

Simple Crowdfunding works with property developers who provide a supply of property opportunities to fund on both an equity and debt basis. These developers are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with investors at key stages of the project through the 'Learn Whilst Investing' program.
Learning elements are delivered on-site, through webinars and through regular updates.

Since starting crowdfunding in 2013, we have built up vast experience and insight in this constantly evolving marketplace, which we freely share with our registered community members. Flexibility, transparency and integrity are key to everything we do.

Key information

  • Platform Fee When you successfully reach the minimum target amount, Simple Crowdfunding will charge a platform fee of 5% (exc.VAT) of the raise amount.
  • Payment Fee Management Fee: for peer to peer loans, we will also charge an additional 1% of the raise amount for projects that extend past two years.
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 4016517
  • Languages English
  • Address H.Q.S. Wellington, Temple Stairs, London WC2R 2PN
  • Who can invest? Personal, Corporate
  • Reviews Check on

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