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Simple Crowdfunding facilitates property investment for all, partnering with developers for equity and debt funding. Investors also gain insight through the Learn Whilst Investing program.

Minimum investment
100 GBP
Advertised return
Payment options
Total funding volume
Average loan duration
What does Simple Crowdfunding offer?

Simple Crowdfunding helps make property investment accessible to everyone, whilst helping property developers deliver more homes in the UK.
So far, investors have learnt about renovation, HMO conversions, planning gain, how to build new homes, commercial to residential conversions, title splits and more, all through their investments.

Simple Crowdfunding works with property developers who provide a supply of property opportunities to fund on both an equity and debt basis. These developers are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with investors at key stages of the project through the ‘Learn Whilst Investing’ program.
Learning elements are delivered on-site, through webinars and through regular updates.

Since starting crowdfunding in 2013, we have built up vast experience and insight in this constantly evolving marketplace, which we freely share with our registered community members. Flexibility, transparency and integrity are key to everything we do.

Who can invest on Simple Crowdfunding?

Personal, Corporate

Simple Crowdfunding is a member of UK crowdfunding association (UKCFA).
Would you invest via Simple Crowdfunding?
What is the target industry of the Simple Crowdfunding crowdfunding website?

Simple Crowdfunding offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the Real estate sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at Simple Crowdfunding crowdfunding platform?

At Simple Crowdfunding, you can start investing with 100€.

What types of investment does the Simple Crowdfunding crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models Simple Crowdfunding operates is Equity, P2P lending.

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