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Find out the best P2P crowdfunding platforms in Estonia and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • The Income Marketplace started from the idea of providing people with an easy and secure way to invest in cashflow assets such as consumer loans or real-estate portfolios, and anything else with a predictable cashflow. Due to our deep knowledge of consumer lending and structured investments, we decided to start with consumer loans, but our long-term vision is to expand into multiple quality asset classes to offer our investors.The income team consists of peer to peer investors, investment professionals and people with a strong background in consumer lending. We are united by the vision of making available better and safer investments for everyday people.
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  • Mocasa is an alternative investment platform that dedicates to building a bridge between European investors and high-quality assets of the fast-developing Asia market.Born in Asia, Mocasa has a profound understanding of the Asia market and assets. It's Mocasa's vision to build a platform where potential and prosperous Asian companies are given a chance to raise funds in Europe for better development, and the European investors also have a better choice to put their money into a place with a well-secured relatively high return and increase their passive income accordingly.
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  • Moncera is such a great instrument which allows investors to earn money and borrowers follow their dreams. Moncera handles payments and conducts thorough loan analysis, so our investors could sleep peacefully.
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  • Swaper is an investment marketplace platform offering investments in loans where you can earn up to 16% annually. Simple, easy and transparent. Since launching in 2016, we’ve demonstrated exponential growth and have raised among top investing players in Europe. To date, Swaper has exceeded 178+M EUR in cumulative investments.
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