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  • Founded: 2016
    Housers is the first savings and investment platform that has revolutionized the rules of the game making possible the democratization of investment in real assets. Housers allows you to invest in assets that you can see and touch: your investments are always linked to real estate. This way you can build a long-term heritage and get a month-to-month income.
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  • Founded: 2016


    UOWN is an online platform for people to buy, sell and own shares in property. We are a Yorkshire based fintech startup using property crowdfunding to democratise how people invest money in property.
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  • Founded: 2020
    InRento is a buy-to-let crowdfunding platform that allows investors to easily invest in carefully selected rental properties. It is also an alternative way to get loans for real estate rental businesses. The InRento crowdfunding platform finances various rental properties. InRento is authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and is included in the Public List of Operators of Crowdfunding Platforms.
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