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PretUp is a SAS company registered with ORIAS as an Intermediary in Crowdfunding (IFP) under the number 15001415. PretUp 's activity is the financing of companies (VSE / SME) by crowdlending (funds coming from Individuals under form of paid loan).

Key information

  • Platform Fee No
  • Payment Fee No
  • Interest rate 8-8.5%
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 15001415
  • Languages French
  • Address 16 Rue de Malzeville, 54130 Dommartemont
  • Reviews Check on

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crowdfunding industry report 2022
Crowdfunding industry report 2022 is released!

Find out how platforms adopt the European crowdfunding regulations, how they handle new marketing challenges and what they do to prepare for a potential economic decline.