Financement Participatif France

FPF is the professional association of players and the crowdfunding ecosystem in France. It brings together 150 members: crowdfunding platforms (about 70), players in the support and financing of project leaders, individual funders, robo-advisors, law firms, banks, etc.

Created in August 2012, its objective is the collective representation, promotion and defence of the rights and interests of participatory finance actors to advance the financing of projects by citizens. As part of its promotion and educational mission, Financement Participatif France regularly organizes events.

Key information

  • Address Paris, Île-de-France
  • Who can become a member? Crowdfunding platforms, technology providers, public institutions, service providers for fundraisers, service providers for investors
  • Membership details Check membership conditions

Members of Financement Participatif France

65 companies View all platforms

Lumo is a crowdfunding platform. It allows individuals and companies to give meaning to their savings by financing projects with a positive impact, useful for the ecologica...

  • Industry:
  • Sustainability

EDULIS believes in work, ambition and commitment as sources of economic value creation; to professionalism , transparency and integrity as the basis of the contract of trus...

Kiwaï is the crowdfunding platform dedicated to sustainable development projects in Normandy. It allows all citizens to invest in projects with guaranteed capital in ord...

You will find on, committed documentaries, peasant farms, third places, cooperative supermarkets, artistic achievements, organic and bulk players, local shops an...

  • Industry:
  • Sustainability

Take control of the local economy by investing in businesses. With Wizwee, you act directly in the local economy by providing financial assistance to the business of your c...

Our team relies on professional networks in all wine regions. Our experts select the best estates according to 3 criteria: excellence of the wines, viability of the project...

We fundia is reinventing business-to-business lending. It becomes “balanced” and “virtuous” between small or medium-sized enterprises and large ones. We offer a platform f...

On WE DO GOOD, you can invest in the projects of your choice and have positive economic , social and environmental impacts in exchange for royalties . The impacts are rep...

  • Industry:
  • SME
  • Sustainability

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