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            Profitus is a crowdfunding and investment platform with a minimum investment of 100 euros, secured by real estate or warranty. It operates 24/7 and collaborates with Pay...

            Debitum Network

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            Debitum Network is a decentralized alternative financing platform for SMEs. It provides capital, investment advice, risk assessment, and debt collection on light technol...

            Scramble is a European-based fintech firm with HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s supported by a significant investor group, including senior execs from Facebook, Skype,...

            Safe investments and passive income with up to 14% return. Start earning with Maclear. Don’t delay – Invest today.


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            NEO Finance is a P2P lending platform in Lithuania, connecting borrowers to lenders internationally. It offers EMI license, safety of clients’ money and Provision ...


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            Finbee is a Lithuanian online lending platform founded in 2015 with the aim of becoming the top peer-to-peer lending company. It uses Elektroninių pinigų bitė as a payme...


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            Nordstreet is a P2P real estate investment platform offering carefully analyzed projects to all, not limited to venture capital firms or wealthy individuals.


            Verified platform

            FinoMark is a crowdfunding platform that helps businesses achieve their financial goals by streamlining funding processes and providing end-user solutions. It offers fin...

            PeerBerry is an investment marketplace with up to 12% ROI and innovative tools. Loans from non-banking lenders across Europe. No borrower default risk, loyalty rewards.

            EstateGuru is a marketplace for property-backed loans, connecting borrowers with a large investor base for quick access to funds. Investors can find diversified investme...

            HeavyFinance is a marketplace, where investors and businesses dependent on the use of heavy equipment meet. The investment opportunities provided by the HeavyFinance pla...

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            There are 15 P2P lending crowdfunding platforms in Lithuania. They focus on Real estate, Startups, SME, Sustainability, Green energy, Logistics, Personal loans, Mortgages or Farming providing different investment opportunities for retail and accredited investors.

            The minimum investment amount varies from platform to platform and usually depends on the industry or particular platform goals. On this listing, you will find crowdfunding platforms that offer investment opportunities starting at 5€ with a maximum investment amount of 1000.

            As a crowdfunding platform directory, we verify the most active crowdfunding platforms if they reach out and claim their profile. On this listing, 8 crowdfunding platforms claimed their profile. They include Maclear, Scramble, FinoMark, Finbee, Debitum Network and others.

            Fun fact: among all the crowdfunding platforms listed here, the oldest has been founded in 2014 and the youngest in 2021.