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HeavyFinance is a marketplace, where investors and businesses dependent on the use of heavy equipment meet. The investment opportunities provided by the HeavyFinance platform are always backed by heavy equipment as collateral.

Minimum investment
100 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Credit card, Bank transfer
Total funding volume
33,000,000 EUR
Average loan duration
30 months
What does Heavyfinance offer?

We are promoting the transition from conventional farming to sustainable land management practices in order to make farmers more resilient in the face of climate change, while also helping investors benefit from impact investment.

We promote sustainable land management practices and remove CO2 from the atmosphere by investing in innovative and science-backed agriculture initiatives. Through our unique Green Loan program and commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the environment and pave the way for a more sustainable future for all.

HeavyFinance originates loans directly in five European markets – Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria. Having a scalable business model and the majority of operations unified, the company is planning further geographical expansion.

The company prioritises financing any form of sustainable agriculture that accelerates climate change mitigation, improves food supply chain resilience and contributes towards social progress. By facilitating financing, the company aims to directly or indirectly flow toward reduced soil disturbance tillage practices (no-till, strip-till, mulching), supporting soil maintenance and health and permanent CO2 removal and storage, resulting in:

  • Reduced GHG emission from machinery fossil fuel combustion
  • CO2 Removal from the atmosphere by plants’ biogeochemical processes and permanent storage in the soils.
  • N2O pollution reductions from excessive fertilisers application.
  • Improvement of production quality.
  • Contribution to the improvement of biodiversity.
  • Farm adaptation and resilience to climate change effects ( droughts, high temperatures, floods, etc. )

Over a third of our existing portfolio and nearly half of our expected portfolio by EOY 2022 have financed sustainable agriculture, primarily the conservation tillage practices of our farmers like no-till farming.

Who can invest on Heavyfinance?

Investing using the HeavyFinance crowdfunding platform is permitted to natural persons who have reached the age of majority and all legal entities.
Prior to making an investment, it is important to confirm your identity via the verification process.

Registering on HeavyFinance is not allowed only for residents of countries on the sanction list of the EU and the United Nations.

What are Heavyfinance fees?

Registration and investing in HeavyFinance are totally free of charge. However, if you are selling your investment on the secondary market a one-time fee per transfer of the right of claim applies. The amount of the fee is 1% of the nominal value of the transferred right of claim.

To participate in the Secondary Market on the HeavyFinance platform, the investor has to pay a one-time fee – 1% of the nominal value of the transferred right of claim. This fee is paid by the seller of the investment.

All the investments offered on the HeavyFinance secondary market can be found here.


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General information
Heavy Finance, a Lithuanian crowdfunding platform, was founded in 2020. To date, more than EUR 18 million have been invested into different projects through the platform. The platform is supervised by government authority and an Investment Brokerage/ Crowdfunding licence. Heavy Finance operates as a marketplace for investing into businesses in farming, forestry and infrastructure.
Heavy Finance is a Lithuanian licenced and supervised crowdfunding platform, offering an average 11.8% return on investments. The platform provides auto-investment, secondary market and withdrawal options that can make investing much easier. There is information about the team and audited annual reports.
Board team
The platform provides full information about the management team on their web page such as their academic and professional backgrounds. The Heavy Finance team is made of experienced professionals who have been working in this industry for several years. For instance, the CEO Laimonas Noreika was founder and CEO of FinBee.com, a P2P lending platform. The team is also coming from academic backgrounds related to the industry.
Would you invest via Heavyfinance?
Would you invest via Heavyfinance?

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