• Industry: Real estate
  • Type: P2P lending
  • Min. investment: €1,000
  • Country: Netherlands


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VastgoedInvesteren makes the real estate market accessible to anyone who wants to invest directly in future-proof real estate or to anyone who wants to help make the transition to sustainable real estate possible.

Key information

  • Platform Fee You pay a one-off transaction fee with VastgoedInvesteren, nothing more, nothing less. The amount of the compensation depends on the duration of the project and any specific agreements for the project in which you are investing. For projects with a duration of 5 years or longer, you usually pay 3% of the amount invested. You pay a lower percentage for projects with a shorter duration.
  • Interest rate 4-8%
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 58407529
  • Languages Dutch
  • Address Keizersgracht 127, 1015 CJ, Amsterdam
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