• Industry: SME
  • Type: Equity
  • Min. investment: € 100
  • Currency: EUR
  • Country: Germany


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Transvendo was founded with the aim of giving investors the option of a media-free investment process and thus also offering small investors professional investment opportunities based on various asset classes: real estate, SMEs, startups and sustainable projects. Transvendo not only offers public funding, but also non-public private placements.

Key information

  • Platform Fee Transvendo charges a performance-related fee. This means that if the financing of your company or project is successful, it will charge a commission of up to 9.25% on the funding amount. This commission includes all costs including payment processing. In addition, there is a small annual fee for administrative activities (including reporting) that transvendo takes on for your company.
  • Interest rate 6-9%
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number Register court: Munich Local Court Register number: HRA 105939 Personally liable partner: Securim GmbH (Commercial register: Munich Local Court, HRB 216540)
  • Languages German
  • Address Würmstrasse 55, 82166 Munich-Graefelfing
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