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Sv. Jokubo kompleksas

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100 %
  • Status funded
  • Goal 156,973 EUR (€)
  • Raised 156,973 EUR (€)
  • Investors 53
  • Interest rate 7.5%
  • Loan To Value(LTV) 70%
  • Credit Duration 23 month

We present the option to participate in the bond offering, for which purpose investors are given the opportunity to submit subscription orders for the purchase of bonds. Issuer UAB “Orkela” used UAB “Sutelktinio financijos platfoma “Profitus” in order to distribute bonds intended for the development of the Jokubo complex. The project “Sv. Jokubo kompleksas” is a new financing project, the funds of which will be invested in the Sv. Jokubo kompleksas in Vilnius.

The company developing the project:
UAB “Orkela”, the company developing this project, belongs to the closed-end real estate investment fund “Lords LB Special Fund IV” for informed investors, which is managed by UAB “Lords LB Asset Management”.

“Lords LB Asset Management” is one of the largest investment management companies in Lithuania, managing fourteen different funds (NT, Energy, Private Capital), and the value of assets under management reaches more than 802 million. EUR. The company is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

Project description:
In 2021 March 8 a building permit was issued for the construction of a real estate complex, in the center of Vilnius, at Vasario 16-osios str. The complex will consist of new buildings (total area: 17.612 sq. m) and old buildings (total area: 6.290 sq. m), which will house an educational institution with accommodation facilities. There will also be a parking lot (total area: 2.891 sq.m.).

The anchor tenant of the project will be 1853. The Royal Russell School is established in London. This educational institution is a leader in exceptional education, chosen by local and international students. 18.000 sq. m. m area complex will house a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and a lyceum, part of these facilities will be located in old buildings with unique historical and architectural value that are being brought back to life. The school in Vilnius will accept children from 2 to 18 years old, and students from 11 years old will be able to stay in the school complex. The Vilnius school will have more than 300 accommodation places for students, which will be supervised by qualified staff around the clock.

Second revenue-generating unit is an underground car park that will have 240 parking spaces. It will be managed by leading parking company Unipark.

The end of the project is expected in 2024 I quarter.

Investors’ interests are secured by real estate, primary mortgage:
For all investors, the bonds are secured by the primary mortgage of the plot of land, buildings and structures located on Vasario 16th Street, Vilnius.

Main information:
Issuer: Orkela UAB
Issuer type: Bond issue.
Issue form: Public distribution of ordinary nominal bonds in the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Estonia.
Nominal value of bonds: EUR 1000.
Bond coupon size: EUR 75 per year (7.5% of the nominal value of the bonds), paid semi-annually.
Redemption: Fully repayable on the date of redemption at 100% face value plus accrued interest for the last term.
Minimum number of units to be purchased: 1 unit.
Listing: Listing on Nasdaq’s main market, possible secondary market sale.

Annual bond yield:
7.5%. You can check the expected return for your chosen investment amount in the preliminary return calculator.

Interest is paid semi-annually on the following dates:
– in 2023 July 19
– in 2024 January 19
– in 2024 July 19
– in 2025 January 19 – Final day for interest payment and bond redemption.

If any of these days is a non-business day, interest is payable on the next business day following that date.

In order to make this investment properly, you will need to indicate the number of the securities account opened in your name in the Bond application. We note that the rates of the securities account are indicated in the rates of the administrator of such an account and Profitus is in no way responsible for the rates of managing such securities accounts and the conditions of their management.

If you do not have a securities account, before investing you have the right to open one at any financial institution (which, according to the requirements of legal acts, has the necessary license for such activity). Investors who do not have an open securities account are not allowed to invest (lend) in this Project.

Investment conditions, process and administration:
We inform you that Profitus participates in this project as an intermediary for signing and submitting orders, with the aim of presenting the investment opportunity to a wider circle of investors and mobilizing the required amount of funding. The further development, administration, reporting and supervision of the project will be carried out by the issuer itself, the main distributor and the trustee. All Bonds assigned to the Investor will be transferred and deposited to the securities account specified by the Investor and opened in his name.

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