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Namas Kalno g.

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100 %
  • Status funded
  • Goal 241,000 EUR (€)
  • Raised 241,000 EUR (€)
  • Investors 226
  • Interest rate 8%
  • Loan To Value(LTV) 62%
  • Credit Duration 12 month

We present a new financing project “Namas Kalno g.”, The funds of which will be used to increase the company’s working capital. The amount to be raised is EUR 241 000.

The aim of the project:
The project owner is developing the “K125” loft project in Vilnius. For the successful implementation of the second stage, the company borrows by mortgaging a 363.63 square meter residential house in Trakai district. The loan will be repaid from the proceeds of the sale of the real estate projects under development, and the interest on the loan will be paid from the existing operating income of the companies.

About the project owner:
The project owner has 19 years of experience in both the development of real estate projects and the organization and execution of construction works. It is an experienced construction contractor who has contributed to the development of various real estate projects with a total area of 50 000 square meters. The company developed some of the objects as the project owner and participated as a contractor. Over the last two years, other companies managed by the company’s shareholder have successfully implemented an 8-apartment project in Vilnius, Uzupis and a “K125” loft project. Preparations are underway for the second phase of the “K125” project.

The project owner has the status of a trusted developer:
In 2021, the project owner always pays the interest on the loan of the project financed on the Profitus platform on time and carried out the construction work of the project according to the planned work schedule. He is currently successfully repaying the loan by selling the formed lofts.

To ensure the interests of investors, a real estate primary mortgage is pledged:
To protect the interests of investors a 21.43 acres plot of land with a 363.63 square meters residential building is pledged at Kalno st. 36, Dedeliskiu village, Trakai district. The registered completion of the property is 90%. According to an independent real estate appraiser, the value of the mortgaged property is EUR 391 000.

Interest by investment amount:
– From EUR 100 to EUR 499 – 8%
– From EUR 500 to EUR 2 499 – 8,5%
– From EUR 2 500 to EUR 4 999 – 9%
– From EUR 5 000 to EUR 9 999 –9,5%
– From EUR 10 000 – 10%
Important: investments made separately are not aggregated.

We plan to raise the amount within 7 days, with the option of extending it to 21 days if we do not raise funds.

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