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Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
Apartments „Antakalnio ritme“ V
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  • Reliability: UAB "Sino pliusas" is an experienced and reliable construction company, able to offer high quality services at competitive prices. The company has a successful track record in 14 project implementation.
  • Convenience: Apartments for sale with partial or full finish. Apartments are designed to meet the needs of a variety of buyers.
  • Secure Parking: A total of 21 parking spaces are equipped near the apartment building, and the parking lot is also illuminated and monitored by video cameras, so your car will be safe both day and night.
  • Nearby Development Infrastructure: The apartment building is conveniently located near public transportation stops, schools, kindergartens, developing stores, and other important infrastructure facilities.

Project Rating (Project Loss Risk): A+. This rating is consistent with the previous project rating of B-

About the project owner:
UAB "Sino pliusas" is a construction company with over 10 years of experience. The group of companies has 2 840 m2 (approximately 10 developed residential projects) of experience in the construction sector, and the manager has 840 m2 (approximately 4 developed residential projects) of experience. The project developer has received funding on the Profitus platform for the project "Antakalnio ritmas". The project has been successfully completed and investors have been repaid their investments with the interest earned.

About the project:
UAB "Sino pliusas" has developed a four-story, 20-apartment residential building with a total area of 1 335.44 m2 in Vilnius, including 21 parking spaces. According to the data of the Register Centre, the registered completion of the apartment building is currently 86%, and the actual completion based on the work already carried out is 100%. As of today, 6 apartments with a total area of 354.24 m2 have been sold, generating sales revenue of EUR 742 200 including VAT. The planned sales revenue for the remaining 14 apartments is EUR 2 666 200. This loan will be repaid from sales proceeds.

The maximum amount to be financed: EUR 1 519 000 (EUR 1 387 000 already raised). The project is financed on the basis of the current valuation of the collateral until it reaches the established maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70% LTV. Once the maximum LTV has been reached, a new valuation of the property will have to be carried out and further rounds of financing for the Project will only be advertised and collected if the set maximum LTV is not exceeded.

Interest by investment amount:
– From EUR 100 to EUR 499 – 10.00%
– From EUR 500 to EUR 1 499 – 10.25%
– From EUR 1 500 to EUR 4 999 – 10.50%
– From EUR 5 000 to EUR 9 999 – 11.00%
– From EUR 10 000 to EUR 49 999 – 11.50%
– From EUR 50 000 to EUR 99 999 – 12.00%
– From EUR 100 000 – 12.50%
Important: investments made separately are not aggregated and cannot be pooled.

We plan to raise the amount within 7 days, with the option of extending it to 21 days if we do not raise funds.

Duburio st. 10, Vilnius, Lithuania

About the Profitus

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Profitus is a crowdfunding and investment platform with a minimum investment of 100 euros, secured by real estate or warranty. It operates 24/7 and collaborates with Paysera, Trustly, and Creditinfo.

Minimum investment
100 EUR
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Payment options
Direct debit, Bank transfer
Total funding volume
126,833,230 EUR
Average loan duration
What does Profitus offer?

Profitus is a crowdfunding and investment platform whose main goal is to make investment available to everyone. Investments start at 100 euros, and the platform is open 24/7. Investments are secured by pledging real estate and other collateral (e.g., indemnity or warranty). Different projects have different security tools that users can access in self-service for each project.

Profitus consults with the Bank of Lithuania in order to ensure perfect compliance with the law. Monetary operations on the platform are carried out in cooperation with Paysera and Trustly. The risk relating to the project and project owner are assessed on the basis of information provided by Creditinfo.

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