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PERX is an online lending marketplace in Norway allowing secure borrowing and lending of private loans without bank involvement, providing lower rates for borrowers and attractive returns for lenders.

Minimum investment
1,000 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Total funding volume
Average loan duration
What does PERX offer?

PERX is a marketplace lending platform for private loans in Norway. The company facilitates an online platform that enables people to borrow and lend money securely from each other without the involvement of banks. That’s why PERX are able to provide lower rates for the borrower and attractive return for lenders.

Who can invest on PERX?

Pensonal, Coprorate

PERX is a member of Norsk Crowdfunding Forening.
Profile strength: Intermediate
Would you invest via PERX?
What is the target industry of the PERX crowdfunding website?

PERX offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the SME sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at PERX crowdfunding platform?

At PERX, you can start investing with 1000€.

What types of investment does the PERX crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models PERX operates is P2P lending.

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