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Moncera is a user-friendly fintech platform that makes investing accessible to everyone. It offers a safe, easy-to-use marketplace for consumer loans, with attractive returns, Buyback Guarantee, 1 Click Exit, and no fees or charges.

Minimum investment
10 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Total funding volume
Average loan duration
What does Moncera offer?

Moncera is such a great instrument which allows investors to earn money and borrowers follow their dreams. Moncera handles payments and conducts thorough loan analysis, so our investors could sleep peacefully.

We believe that investing should be accessible to everyone, no matter how much money or experience one has. Therefore we are happy to be part of the fintech companies that are revolutionizing the dynamics of banking, lending and investing. Big institutions are being replaced by flexible and user-friendly startups like Moncera. We contribute to the new financial era by providing a trustworthy peer-to-peer lending platform. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the financial field and we take great pride in offering a safe and easy marketplace of consumer loans. That is why Moncera is one of the few platforms with attractive returns, Buyback Guarantee, 1 Click Exit and no fees or charges for our investors.

Who can invest on Moncera?

To become an investor you need to be at least 18 years old, be a resident of a European Economic Area (EEA) country and have a bank account in your name opened in an EEA country. An individual is recognized as a resident if he or she is a citizen, has a residence permit or is registered as a tax payer in an EEA country.

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What is the target industry of the Moncera crowdfunding website?

Moncera offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the SME sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at Moncera crowdfunding platform?

At Moncera, you can start investing with 10€.

What types of investment does the Moncera crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models Moncera operates is P2P lending.

General information
Moncera has been operating since 2019 and is located in Estonia. It is a P2P platform with a total investment of more than EUR 6 million. The platform offers business loans, installment loans and their main loan type - single payment loan. The platform is not governmentally supervised and does not have an investment brokerage license.
Moncera is a P2P platform based in Estonia with a promised return,which is above average without any justification. The platform publishes annual reports and general statistics on their website. The platform provides information about its managing team. From its financial ratios, it can be concluded that the platform had no liquidity problems and was equity financed in 2020.
Board team
Moncera do not provide full information about their employees on their website; however, the CIO Aleksey Telitsyn is from Russia and has obtained a degree in software engineering at Vyatka State University, and the CEO Dmitri Pavlov have been studying at Tartu University and worked as project manager in various companies.
Would you invest via Moncera?
Would you invest via Moncera?

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