• Industry: Startups, Farming
  • Type: Equity
  • Min. investment: € 10
  • Currency: EUR
  • Country: Estonia
  • Follow:

LandEx Verified platform

LandEx is the first crowdfunding land investment platform in Europe, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. It enables retai and institutional investors to invest in plots of land.

LandEx's mission is to democratize land investment. Land is a great asset class providing high-yield and low-risk returns due to its economic fundamentals. We believe it should be accessible to anyone.

Key information

  • Interest rate 11.5%
  • Secondary market Yes
  • Registration number N/A
  • Languages English, Estonian, German
  • Address Mustamäe tee 5
  • Who can invest? Any citizen above 18 years old from a country member of the EEA can invest on Landex. UK citizens can also invest on the platform.

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