Working here? Claim this profile is a Participatory Financing Platform registered with the CNMV, where a number of people lend directly to SMEs, financing their growth projects, supporting the heart of the economy and collaborating with its development.

Minimum investment
50 EUR
Advertised return
Payment options
Total funding volume
32,222,220 EUR
Average loan duration
11 months
What does offer? is a participatory financing platform, crowdlending, where a number of people (investors) lend directly to companies, financing their growth projects, supporting the heart of the economy and collaborating with its development.

At we analyze companies that have been operating for a minimum of two years, that have a minimum turnover of €200,000 and that do not have default alarms.

If the company meets these minimum requirements from, different information will be required. First of all, to start the process, basic information will be requested to find out if the company and the operation meet the minimum requirements. Subsequently, you must provide information that allows identification and contact with the company (NIF, telephone number, contact person, etc.), details of the operation and basic financial data. Finally, if it is understood that the operation may be viable, additional documentation will be required to support the information provided as well as that which is considered necessary to be able to present the offer to investors.

From we request the necessary information to know the situation of the company and we only publish those that have passed our risk analysis but, additionally, when we publish a project we do so by making information about the company available to investors so they can make your own decision on whether to invest or not. Every company that appears on our platform has an indicative rating assigned by an external agency. This rating is from 1 to 10 although, due to quality criteria, the platform requires a minimum. Investors choose the company and the project they want to lend to. The loan in its entirety is financed between several investors who make different offers. Finally, after the end of the auction period and having reached the requested amount,

What are fees?


Administration fee of 0.85% per year plus VAT calculated monthly on the capital pending amortization at the beginning of each period. This fee is charged only if the company makes the fee payment.


Promoters are charged a contracting fee specified in the “Rates and economic conditions” document. This fee is accrued only in case of contracting, being charged at the time of disbursement of the operation. It is calculated on the principal of the loan based on the term according to the table.

There is also a management fee for unpaid installments also specified in the aforementioned document, as well as the default interest rate that will be paid to investors, which is the nominal rate of the unpaid installment plus a differential of 5%.

Early repayment may be made coinciding with settlement dates at no additional cost. It may be total or partial, with a minimum of 20% of the outstanding capital amount of the operation, not less than €3,000.

All duly justified expenses arising from the breach by the borrower of the loan contract will be charged to the borrower.

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What is the target industry of the crowdfunding website? offers to invest in various crowdfunding opportunities from the SME sector.

What is the minimum amount needed to invest at crowdfunding platform?

At, you can start investing with 50€.

What types of investment does the crowdfunding platform provide?

The investment models operates is P2P lending. alternatives

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