• Industry: Startups, SME
  • Type: Equity
  • Min. investment: NOK 500
  • Country: Norway
  • Follow:

Folkeinvest Verified platform

Folkeinvest is the leading Nordic equity crowdfunding platform. We facilitate raising capital to scaling SME’s!

Folkeinvest gives everyone the opportunity to participate in value creation, as an entrepreneur, investor or cheerleader. We want to democratize share trading and give more people the opportunity to invest in good start-up and growth companies. Norway depends on a healthy business community and we must build that together!

Folkeinvest arranges capital raising without providing a guarantee for the amount.

Key information

  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 916 545 061
  • Languages Norwegian
  • Address Beddingen 14, 7014 Trondheim
  • Who can invest? We enable all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in, alongside equipping startups and growth-focused businesses to raise capital.

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