CapitalStackers Verified platform

CapitalStackers enables the smaller investor to invest in property development alongside banks.

Our team of seasoned, highly experienced bankers and real estate professionals has created the ideal platform for property investment, development and construction.

Banks can finance real estate development up to a certain level and P2P platforms/debt funds can help, but only CapitalStackers benefits both investors and borrowers by partnering high street banks, challenger banks or debt funds with crowdfunding to create complete, end-to-end construction financing.

CapitalStackers makes it possible for investors to lend direct to qualifying borrowers and get all the financial benefits of investing in building development, in deals managed and monitored by accomplished property finance specialists.

And we’re supported by highly-regarded UK firms in the fields of legal work, valuation, planning, project management and other specialist areas.

Key information

  • Platform Fee N/A
  • Payment Fee N/A
  • Interest rate N/A
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number N/A
  • Languages English
  • Address N/A
  • Who can invest? Personal, Corporate
  • Reviews Check on

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