SME crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland

Find out the best SME crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Cashare Founded: 2008
    Cashare is the first disruptive FinTech company in Switzerland, established in January 2008 and has been running the biggest and fastest growing crowdlending platform in this country since then. The platform offers crowdlending (social lending, p2p-loans) for private individuals and SMEs, the latter since 2015.
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  • Finnest Founded: 2014
    Finnest is the leading platform for investments in successful, medium-sized companies. It works with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia and allows investing only in established companies with the best ratings. The average return on investment is 5% per annum. On average, investors invest 7,500 euros per campaign.
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  • Creditgate24 Founded: 2015
    CreditGate24 connects borrowers with private and institutional lenders, thereby creating win-win situations. Borrowers with the required credit-worthiness are offered flexible financing solutions at attractive terms. CreditGate24 stands for transparent fees and a straightforward online credit application process.
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  • Advanon Founded: 2015
    Advanon crowdfunding platform is the place where businesses looking for short-term financing find the matching solution to their needs. The platform aims to help SME focus on their growth by giving them access to liquidity. There's no long-term commitment or small print, simply business financing but without the usual headache.
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  • Creditworld Founded: 2015
    With the exclusive focus on SME debt financing, Creditworld offers its investors ESG-compliant investment opportunities that are socially and environmentally sustainable. The company's vision is to actively shape the way in which capital flows between investors and companies in a digitized environment, thereby contributing to a more efficient and sustainable credit market.
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  • Swisspeers Founded: 2015
    Swisspeers is an independent online platform giving small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) direct access to business loans financed by investors. This creates an alternative to traditional bank loans. Swisspeers offers investors the opportunity to invest directly into SME’s as a new alternative fixed income investment with an attractive risk-return profile.
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  • Crowd4cash Founded: 2016
    Crowd4Cash brings investors and borrower together and provides crowdlending solutions for private persons and SMEs.
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  • Funders Founded: 2016
    Funders is the crowdfunding platform for crowd support and crowdlending projects. Project starters such as inventors, creatives, start-ups, SMEs, associations, event organizers and non-profit organizations can implement projects with the help of numerous supporters.
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  • Danube Angels Founded: 2017
    Danube Angels negotiate each investment contract with the companies personally for their investors in order to make investments possible for you that would otherwise not be available on the market in this form.
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  • Acredius Founded: 2017
    Acredius is an online platform that makes investors’ and borrowers’ needs meet in an unconventional, digital, intuitive and safe environment.
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