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KissKissBankBank allows crowdfunding for creative, associative, or entrepreneurial projects. Lendopolis, Goodeed, and microDON also joined the group for renewable energy and solidarity projects.

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KissKissBankBank was launched in September 2009 by Ombline le Lasseur, Adrien Aumont and Vincent Ricordeau. Their ambition? Allow you to finance your creative, associative or entrepreneurial projects by donation or pre-order.

In November 2014, we decided to put our experience of crowdfunding at the service of renewable energy players with Lendopolis.

In April 2018, Goodeed, a free donation platform, which allows Internet users to financially support solidarity projects by viewing an advertisement, joined us.

Finally, in July 2020, microDON, known for its solidarity rounding at the store checkout and the gift of time, joined the KissKissBankBank & Co. group.

Through these platforms, we always stay true to our core values.

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KissKissBankBank is a member of Financement Participatif France.
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