• Industry: Real estate, Green energy, Startups, SME, Health & Science, Sport
  • Type: Equity, Donation, Debt, Reward
  • Min. investment: ÔéČ50
  • Country: Latvia

FINTELUM Verified platform

Fintelum security crowdfunding platform showcases alternative investments in primary and secondary market to global participants in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH) and fiat (EUR), sourced from high-growth projects in Europe. In compliance with EU KYC/AML laws, Fintelum provides Blockchain-based transferable security or utility token issuance and investor relations with ongoing corporate actions.

Key information

  • Secondary Market Yes
  • Registration number 40103530120
  • Languages English
  • Address Z. A. Meierovica Blvd 16
  • Who can invest? Global investor, except US persons

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