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In Bolsa Social, you can lend money to companies with a positive social impact and obtain up to 8% return, or become a shareholder of social impact startups.

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What does Bolsa Social offer?

Things are changing all over the world. There are more and more companies that seek to produce a positive impact on society and the environment. And there are more and more investors who, in addition to profitability, want to give meaning to their investments.

They are companies and investors with social impact. If you are one of them, Bolsa Social was born for you, because this is the first platform in Spain for crowdimpacting: crowdfunding for investors and companies with a positive social impact.

In October 2014, a team of enthusiastic professionals set out to create Bolsa Social as an active agent of the ethical transformation of society and finance, convinced of the enormous transformative potential of participatory financing and impact investing. You want to join?

Who can invest on Bolsa Social?

The Law distinguishes between “accredited” and “non-accredited” investors according to their knowledge, experience and aversion to risk. “Non-accredited” investors may not invest more than €3,000 per project or more than €10,000 per year in different Bolsa Social projects. Accredited investors are not limited in the amount or projects in which they can invest.

What are Bolsa Social fees?

If the campaign is successful, La Bolsa Social charges the entrepreneur up to 6% of the amount raised, plus 500€ annually during 5 years. This includes transfer fees. If the campaign is not successful, La Bolsa Social only charges a publication fee of 1000 €.

In addition, Bolsa Social has other lines of business independent of participatory financing rounds, such as the private search for impact investors (M&A consultancy), or the search and management of public financing (grants, Enisa …), among others.

Would you invest via Bolsa Social?

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