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Voordekunst is a crowdfunding platform for the creative sector, enabling donors, makers, and supporters to realize cultural projects that are important to them.

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Voordekunst is the platform for crowdfunding in the creative sector.

A positive movement aimed at realizing cultural projects. Made possible by the people it is ultimately intended for, the public or better yet: the crowd.

People can contribute to advance art in many ways. But all involved have one thing in common. Donors, project makers, twitterers and likers, they all find it important that a certain project is completed. Because it is of social importance, because you have to laugh about it, because you wish that person, or because it is just so beautiful. You want that one project to happen. It must be experienced, seen, heard, tasted or put into action. It is – in short – art that has to be. Whether you donate, start a project, tweet or like, you are doing it for the arts, it must be there.

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