Swiss crowdfunding association

The Swiss Crowdfunding Association unites all crowdfunding platforms that operate in Switzerland in order to promote this industry nationally. This allows for better circulation of different practices between operators as well as applied research in the study of the industry. The organisation also keeps up to date with the information released in this area by the media and politicians.

The Purpose of the association is to gather all the crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland.

– promote the domain of crowdfunding in Switzerland;
– help to disseminate the best practices in the domain among its actors;
– do applied research in the field and study the evolution of the domain in Switzerland and in other countries;
– be the reference organization to disseminate information on crowdfunding to medias and politicians.

Key information

  • Address Ochsner & Associés Place de Longemalle 1 1204 Genève

Members of Swiss crowdfunding association

24 companies View all platforms is the crowdfunding platform created to support the projects and causes that are close to your heart.

Lendora is a Swiss crowdlending startup. Our platform connects borrowers and investors online to make credit more accessible and investing more rewarding. Since its laun...

Loanboox is the leading European debt financing & management provider. In contrast to conventional brokering, financing and investing through Loanboox is simple, transparen...

As a non-profit foundation, GivenGain is truly one of a kind. Usually, companies become commercially successful before giving back, but in our case, nothing would have happ...

Fundeego is a crowdfunding company whose objective is to help any creator to bring their project to life - without the financial aspect becoming an obstacle to its realizat...

With the aim of giving both borrowers and lenders more freedom and control over their loans, 3circlefunding allows borrowers to set loan interest rates and investors to sel...

A Swiss-based Real Investing platform for Investors looking for more than just finance. Propose the most direct and rewarding investments in line with your values. Inve...

The consumer loan market in Switzerland is roughly around CHF 7 Billion with a yearly volume of around CHF 4 Billion. The maximum interest rate permitted by law was lowered...

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