Dutch SME financing association

Stichting MKB Financiering (SMF) is an independent organization set up to contribute to the professionalization of the alternative financing sector and to increase access to customer-oriented and appropriate financing and financing advice for entrepreneurs.

Stichting MKB Financiering stimulates the continuous development of knowledge of entrepreneurs in the field of alternative forms of financing so that more SMEs can benefit from this. We do this in collaboration with entrepreneurial networks such as ONL and MKB Nederland.

Research also shows that there is a great lack of knowledge and experience among SME advisors about new forms of financing and how to advise entrepreneurs on this. SMF will facilitate education in the field of alternative financing for financial advisors so that entrepreneurs can be better helped and opportunities will not be missed.

Key information

  • Who can become a member? SME financiers who meet the highest requirements for suitable and responsible financing for entrepreneurs are eligible for the Quality Mark Recognized SME Financier.
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Members of Dutch SME financing association

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